uTracer Act.1

uTracer は メイド イン ネザーランド
Ronald's electronic Project Site から独立したプロジェクト

The uTracer is a small and affordable tube tester - or better a tube curve tracer
(uTracerは小さくて手頃な真空管テスターです - というか真空管カーブトレーサーです)

uTracer3+  詳細は ↓

Quick Test
 ( 増幅率(μ)、相互コンダクタンス(gm)、内部抵抗(rp)などの3定数と各電流値 )

04/09 20:14 SEND Eメールにて注文する。
04/10 02:08 RECV
Hi Seyo,
Thank you for your interest in this project!
Lately we sold a lot of kits and they are at the moment out of stock.
However, new PCB’s and components have been ordered, and we
expect to have a new series of kits available in one or two weeks.
I have asked my wife (cc) to do te administration
because I would make a mess of things.
She will contact you as soon as the new kits are available
for details regarding payment and shipment.
best regards
04/10 05:17 SEND 新しいKITが出来上がるまで待つ事を伝える
04/18 20:40 RECV
Hi Seyo,
My name is Marie-Jose, the wife of Ronald.
You have indicated that you want to purchase a uTracer. Thank you!
You can order a kit by transferring ? 215,- to our bank account or ? 225,- to our PayPal account. This is including shipping costs, all over the world.
If you are inside the Euro-zone the easiest and cheapest way to do that is to transfer ? 215,- by international bank transfer to:
IBAN number:  NL87INGB0702913901
BIC number: INGBNL2A
In the name of M.H. den Brok, Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.
The name of the bank is ING and the adress is: Postbus 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Please note that we can not accept any additional charges and or expenses related to the transfer of the money from your account to our account.
Note, that banks outside the Euro zone (specially in the United Kingdom) usually can charge a lot of money for international banktransfers.
And Please note your name at the transfer!
From all over the world you can pay by PayPal by transferring € 225,- to PayPal account: uTracer@dos4ever.com
Please make sure that you specify the currency in Euro's!
After you have transferred the money please send me an email to indicate that you indeed have transferred the money, and please also reconfirm the address to which the kit has to be send.
Thanks a lot!
best regards,
Marie-Jose, on behalf of Ronald.
04/18 20:01 SEND PayPalで支払った事を伝える。
04/18 21:49 RECV PayPalから決済完了の連絡。 
€225.00 EUR <===> ¥27,292 JPY
04/19 02:10 RECV
Hi Seyo,
Thank you!
Tomorrow I´ll ship the kit to you. I´ll keep you posted (tracking number etc.).
Best regards,
04/19 23:13 RECV
Hi Seyo,
Today I have shipped the kit to you.
The tracking number is RN955602???NL. The website is
www.internationalparceltracking.com and you have to use the zip code
(postcode): 9??-0013.
I would appreciate it very much, if you let me know it arrived safely.
We hope you enjoy building the uTracer and we look forward hearing about
your experiences and comments.
Best regards,
Marie-José, on behalf of Ronald.
04/20 04:00 SEND 迅速な対応に感謝している事を伝える。

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